Q: What is CVAC counseling like?

A: You will meet one on one with a counselor for about 50 minutes, once a week. During counseling we will help you identify counseling goals, create safety plans, learn about the effects of abuse, and help you navigate and cope with the many systems you encounter as a victim (i.e. law enforcement, CPS, justice system, etc.)

Q: What is an order of protection? How can I obtain it?

A: A person can be protected from an abusive party via an Order of Protection (OOP) issued by Criminal Court or Family Court. OOp’s allow police to make immediate arrest if the conditions of the order are violated, and to add additional charges. When the OOP is issued by a criminal court judge, it may be issued without request from the victim and may be changed without prior notice given to the protected party. These are “one way” orders, meaning the protected party cannot violate the order

Q: Does CVAC have a safety plan?

A:​ It’s always important to think ahead about safety, but especially so for those who have a violent partner, roommate, or family member. Many people think that safety plans are only for those attempting to leave an abusive relationship, but they can also be used to stay as safe as possible while remaining in the partnership.

Our safety plan can be found here (link) and is available to download. Use caution when creating a safety plan to avoid the abusive partner finding it.

Q: What services does CVAC offer?

A: CVAC can offer support and services to any innocent victim of crime. Services include 24/7 crisis advocacy over the phone and in-person at the hospital, medical advocacy, crisis counseling, case management, legal advocacy, legal services, child advocacy center, and education/prevention on a variety of topics.