The Broome County Child Advocacy Center aims to begin the healing process for child victims of abuse in a safe and warm environment.

The Broome County Child Advocacy Center opened in July 1997. As of December 2022, 5,071 children have come through its doors. That is by no means all children reported to be victims of sexual abuse during this period of time. An estimated 250-300 children are reported annually to be victims of child sexual abuse in Broome County alone.

The Child Advocacy Center aims to begin the healing process for victims of sexual abuse as soon as possible. Our goals include:

  • Providing a safe, child friendly, controlled setting for the investigative interview.
  • Reducing the number of times a child must tell the same information to different people.
  • Coordinating the sharing of appropriate case information between investigative partners.
  • Providing a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation.
  • Offering onsite forensic medical exams.
  • Providing a Family Liaison for support, education, and crisis intervention counseling.
  • Providing linkage to other appropriate treatment services.
  • Reducing the ‘system trauma’ that can accompany these cases; striving to do no further harm.
  • Providing education, support and assistance to the community around issues of child sexual abuse.
  • Helping families to navigate the legal system.

In order for your child to be interviewed at the CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER, incidents of suspected child abuse must be reported, either to the State Child Abuse Hotline OR to the Police.

If your child or a child you know has been abused:

If you have questions, concerns, or are in need of guidance, please call us at (607) 723-3200. We are here to help!